4 Fast Workouts You Can Do in Your Apartment Gym

As much as we all try to stick to our routines during the winter, finding the motivation for regular exercise when the days are cold and dark can be a struggle. So if you’re emerging from a winter slumber, not to worry! You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership to do it. If you live at the Traditions at Slate Ridge apartments, you have access to a fitness center with all the elements necessary to complete a quality workout. Here are some helpful tips and workout ideas from fitness experts to help you ease back into your routine.


Experts advise that even the most seasoned athletes begin every workout with a warmup, which according to Harvard Health, pumps nutrient-rich oxygenated blood to your muscles. Dynamic, range of motion exercises like jumping jacks make good warmup moves, but gently walking in place (or on a treadmill) works just as well.

10-minute HIIT

The key to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is short bursts of intensity followed by equal periods of rest. If you don’t have a lot of time or access to the full range of equipment a traditional gym would offer, you can do this workout in your apartment gym with just a stationary bike. Recent research from the University of Texas at Austin’s Human Performance Lab showed that certain measures of fitness (blood volume, maximal anaerobic power, and maximal oxygen consumption) improved after subjects performed the 10-minute HIIT workout three times a week for eight weeks.

10-minute treadmill interval workout

This workout at Self.com incorporates varying speeds and inclines to provide a more effective workout than just jogging at a constant rate. If you’re new to the treadmill, make sure you’re familiar with the controls and know where to find the emergency stop switch. 

20-minute yoga flow 

The great thing about yoga is that it delivers more than just a physical workout, providing strength and flexibility along with the benefits of deep breathing and meditation. And the best part: all you need is a mat or towel. Check out these 20-minute YouTube yoga flows from Pop Sugar.

Full-body stability ball workout

We’re probably most accustomed to seeing people performing crunches on an inflatable stability ball, but there is actually a wide array of moves you can do that challenge the entire body. If it’s stability, balance, and core strength you seek, Outside Online provides this complete routine ideal for endurance athletes. 


A cool-down ensures your heart rate decreases gradually rather than rapidly to prevent dizziness and muscle cramps. Harvard Health says a flow from one stretch into the next is the most effective way to cool down after a high-intensity workout.


Taking the time to properly recover from your workout is just as important as the exercise itself, and experts advise rest, properly refueling, and getting enough sleep. Additionally, a self-massager such as a foam roller can help work out kinks in tight or sore muscles, ensuring you can perform your very best for your next workout, too. 

Start Fresh 

Spring just might be the best time to start a new routine, and Traditions at Slate Ridge - Reynoldsburg, Ohio, can help make it happen. In addition to a fitness center with a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, and dumbbells, we also offer spacious townhomes with modern floor plans, a swimming pool, and a quiet courtyard to enjoy some time outdoors. Call (614) 860-1919 for a tour today. 


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